Go Zero Emissions: Air Filter Series – Fan Coil Filter

We have set a challenging target of zero emissions and are doing our best endeavor to improve the efficiency of our building services systems by bringing in new technologies, use of renewable energy, strengthening of our operating, control and maintenance of building services installation and so on. Are there any simple ways that we have overlooked?

National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) recommends use of air filter of MERV 8 (ASHRAE 52.2) or above rating for fan coil units (NAFA Guidelines, Recommended Practices for Commercial Office Space).

Washable aluminum mesh filter is used on almost all fan coil units in Hong Kong. Do we know the MERV Rating of aluminum mesh filter? It is only MERV 2 – 3.

We have used aluminum mesh filters for fan coil units over a few decades and we find no problem at all. Really?

The air filter of a fan coil unit is supposed to improve the indoor air quality and protect the coils against fouling that could result in decreased thermal transfer and increased energy usage. As HVAC systems became more efficient, coil fins moved closer together. Is aluminum mesh filter still a good choice?

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