How to achieve Lower Data Center PUE and Better IAQ?

It has been reported that data centers account for up to 1.5% of global electricity use and that may be as high as over 2.5% in some sophisticated regions like U.S.A. About 35% – 40% or more of energy consumption of a data center goes towards cooling IT equipment. While data center infrastructure consultants and […]

Problems of IT equipment failure in data center without identifiable cause

nanofil-linkedin-post 02-Have you experienced problems of IT equipment failure in your data center without identifiable cause

Gaseous contamination could be one of the possible causes of the problem. When the minutest layer of corrosion, due to airborne contaminants, builds up on the circuit surfaces of electronic systems at Data Centers, Server Rooms, Control Rooms, it aggravates electrical resistance and decrements equipment performance, and possibly lead to equipment failure if the problem is […]