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👉🏻 Please read the shopping instructions before purchasing, confirm order means agreeing to the following detailed rules 👌🏻

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🔆 After the order is successfully paid and confirmed, NanoFIL promises to deliver to your home within 7️⃣ working days🏠

💌 Customer will receive an email notification sent by the system after successfully confirm the order; after we ship, customer will also receive an email reminder for “ready to receive”. We will ship to the address filled in ordering page, without further confirmation; if the customer needs to change the delivery address, please email us as soon as possible!

We Accept

Payment method

❗️All payment methods need to be confirmed by the following methods after deposit or transfer, except for PayPal❗️

NanoFIL will only start processing orders after the payment has been successfully confirm

👉🏻 Upload the deposit slip or transfer screenshot to customer service email / Facebook inbox / WhatsApp
and indicate the order number

Once uploaded, we will confirm within 24 hours, if it is not a working day or there is a delay, we apologize for the inconvenience If the relevant transfer record is not received within two days (48 hours), the order will be cancelled without further notice

⚠️ There is no change available for all of payment methods.

PayPal payment (Visa / Mastercard)

If using Visa / Mastercard, payment must be made via Paypal After entering Paypal, select “Check out as a visitor”, enter the billing email and fill in the relevant credit card information.
*The actual receiving address is accorded to the address filled in on NanoFIL website.

Bank transfer payment

HSBC Account Number:
(004) 139 235725 838

Account Name:
Nanofil Filtration Technology Ltd

  1. Scan QR code above on WeChat
  2. Enter the price of the bill
  3. Make the payment
  4. Capture screen for record
Tag & Go
  1. Scan QR code above on Tag & Go app
  2. Enter the price of the bill
  3. Make the payment
  4. Capture screen for record
  1. Scan QR code above on your bank’s app
  2. Select the function of “FPS QR code payment”
  3. Enter the price of the bill
  4. Make the payment
  5. Capture screen for record
  1. Submit the order *Leave your WhatsApp number*
  2. NanoFIL staff will send the payment QR code for you via WhatsApp
  3. Make the payment
  4. Capture screen for record


🌟 The wrong delivery of products is supported by after-sales service, and NanoFiL will be responsible for the shipping charges.

🔆 Please check the completeness of the product after receiving. All the issue reports will only accepted within 2 days after receiving. After notify NanoFiL, we will inform you for the return method. Overdue issue reports will not be accepted, and all the product returns without notice will not be accepted.

If received a damaged / a defective / an incorrect item, please notify NanoFIL with a photo of the defective part and return the product within 2 days (according to the express delivery time). Overdue reports will not be accepted. (Defects are defined only as major damages and functional defects. 🚫 Don’t accept: I suddenly don’t like it / not suitable for myself / different from what I imagined… and other personal factors

Terms of use

Order will be accepted only the full payment of the order is made.

NanoFIL reserves the right to issue announcements through websites, emails and any other public communication methods at any time to change the payment method for online products.

If the payment for any order has been paid but the order is not confirmed/accepted by NanoFIL, customers have the right to obtain a full refund in the form of a credit card or a valid payment method.
NanoFIL is not responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred by you or any person due to any credit card or any payment system error, refund processing delay.