Nano S+ Cabin Air Filter [26009c]CUPRA, MAN TRUCK, SEAT, SKODA, VW (VOLKSWAGEN)

Nano S+ Cabin Air Filter [26009c]CUPRA, MAN TRUCK, SEAT, SKODA, VW (VOLKSWAGEN)


NanoFIL Antimicrobial Replacement Cabin Air Filter is made of 3-ply composite filter media containing electrospun nanofiber, activated carbon net and electrostatic fibre. It can exterminate bacteria and viruses, remove bad odour and harmful gases, and is highly efficient in removing PM0.3 fine particles. Thanks to more pleats per inch, it has a longer working life of exceeding 12,000 km per replacement.

Size: 253x235x30mm



  • Formentor


  • TGE (17-)


  • Ateca
  • Leon III
  • Leon IV (KL1, KL8)
  • Tarraco


  • Karoq
  • Kodiaq
  • Octavia III
  • Octavia IV
  • Superb III (3V)


  • Arteon (3H)
  • Caddy V (SB)
  • Caravelle (Multivan/Californ.) T7
  • Crafter II 30, 35 (SY, SZ, UZ)
  • Golf Sportsvan (AM1)
  • Golf VII (5G1/BA5)
  • Golf VIII
  • Grand California Camper
  • Jetta VII (BU3)
  • Passat (3G2, 3G5)
  • T-Roc / T-Roc Cabrio (A1)
  • Taos
  • Teramont (Atlas) (CA)
  • Tiguan Allspace (BW)
  • Tiguan II (AD1, AX1)
  • Touran (5T)
  • Transporter/Bus (T7)


Open to ODM & OEM



  • Performance – 3-in-1 multifunctional: high PM0.3 filtration efficiency, odour/VOCs removal, antimicrobial

  • Dimensions – fit different models of Toyota, VW, Ford, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and others

  • More pleats per inch – 4 pleats per inch; 15% – 30% more than that of conventional cabin air filters

    (Longer life, recommend replacement after 12,000 km)

  • Frame – optional sealing gasket to prevent air bypassing the filter

  • Easy installation

  • Maintenance-free


  • Public transport companies, car owners, automotive accessories stores, car services shops

*The above parameters are for reference only and are subject to variance.
*Please consult our technical representative for detailed specifications. Different sizes and specifications are available.


Contact NanoFIL sales specialists to get more details.

Email: info@nanofil.com.hk
Phone: +852 3708 1838
Whatsapp: +852 6273 0573

Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 25.3 × 23.5 × 3.0 cm

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