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Profession Recognized by the Government

We received Innovation & Technology Fund from The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and joined the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP) Corporation Incubation Programme by the innovation of our multi-functional nano air filter in 2016. We conducted a R&D project with The Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI) for the development of sterilizing nano-filter using nano-technology.

Verified Ability In Killing COVID-19 Omicron

By Virology Research Service (VRS) UK

Virology Research Services Limited(VRS) is an experimental service provider specialize in virus research located in UK.  VRS proved that NFFT’s advanced nanotechnology filter displays antiviral activity against >99% SARS-CoV-2 OMICRON variant. The results confirm that NFFT’s advanced nanotechnology filter is not cytotoxic for the test cells.

ISO9001 standard

the world’s most recognized certification of
quality management system – ISO9001:2015

NanoFIL have been accredited with the world’s most recognized certification of quality management system, the ISO9001 standard. It is based on a number of quality management principles that a company is capable of demonstrating the ability to consistently provide products and services to meet customer and regulatory requirements. This new accreditation ensures that our business becomes more efficient and maintains a high standard of product delivery.

China Invention Patent

Nanofibre filter and its manufacturing method

Our Patent Nano Filter has different filtration efficiencies to cope with the needs of actual environment and application. It’s not can exterminate bacteria and viruses that helps reduce the risk of pandemic but also absorb odors, VOCs and formaldehyde.
Most importantly, it has a lower pressure drop and thanks to application of nano-technology that gives a potential energy saving in the central air-conditioning system of commercial buildings.

NanoFIL Inside

When you see the label of ‘ NanoFIL Inside ’ on an air purifier, you know that you can breathe freely without worry on the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) inside the space you locate.

Our patented sterilizing nano filter is definitely the key component of an air purifier or air conditioner that improve the performance (the capability of filtering out contaminants such as dander, dust, bacteria, viruses, harmful gases and so on) of the purifier or appliances that have the feature of air purification, also can exterminate over 99% of Coronavirus (COVID-19 Omicron variant), 99.99% of bacteria and virus of a wide spectrum. This is the image that NanoFIL strives to build in the minds of its customers.

Our technologies

NFFT applied electrospinning technology to air filtration materials that produce nanofiber filter media. Nanofiber filter media has the characteristics of high porosity, small fiber diameter and aperture. It can achieve high mechanical filtration efficiency, high dust loading capacity and low pressure drop.

NanoFil Filter media

  •  Nanofiber is our core technology featuring filtration, antibacterial, antiviral and other specific functions.
  • Non-woven fabric, such as PP and PET, which are polymer materials.
  • Activated Carbon is combined with hydrated aluminosilicate minerals to remove odour, formaldehyde and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), etc.
NanoFIL Sterilizing Nano-filters

4-ply composite filter media with electrostatic fibre, activated carbon, nanofiber layer and non-woven layer.



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