IAQ Series:  Fresh air intake filter

 Outdoor air has various pollutants and it could badly affect IAQ and health of occupants if it is not properly filtered before entering into a building.  Outdoor air contains various pollutants especially in busy commercial zones. It contains high levels of particulate matter (PM), NOx, SOx, pollen, etc. If it is not properly filtered before […]

Use two stages filtration for Air Handling Unit (AHU) in office buildings

  Malpractices of application of air filters (2) Use metal mesh filter for Fan Coil Unit Pre-filter (metal mesh or panel filter) with primary filter (bag filter or panel filter) are commonly used on AHU at office buildings in Hong Kong. It is believed that the pre-filter could extend the working life of primary filter at […]

Use metal mesh filter for Fan Coil Unit

  Malpractices of application of air filters (1) Use metal mesh filter for Fan Coil Unit  Metal mesh air filter is commonly used as an air filtration device for fan coil unit (FCU) in Hong Kong. Is it the only choice that we can take? As shown in the graphs below, metal mesh filter has very low filtration […]

Go Zero Emissions: Air Filter Series – Fan Coil Filter

We have set a challenging target of zero emissions and are doing our best endeavor to improve the efficiency of our building services systems by bringing in new technologies, use of renewable energy, strengthening of our operating, control and maintenance of building services installation and so on. Are there any simple ways that we have […]

7 things of HVAC Filtration & Disinfection you need to know

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has spread over the world caused panic and terror. Air conditioning systems are one of the most important sectors that must be considered because of the pandemic SARS-CoV-2 all over the world. Various organizations and societies around the globe have issued guidelines in response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and virus […]

Prevent Omicron cross-infection in Hotels

Fears over an Omicron outbreak in Hong Kong grew. Recent cases from restaurant to kindergarten, and now hotels are also facing a big concern about possible transmission. There may be COVID19 cross-infection at the Yau Ma Tei hotel, which affected guests staying in four different rooms across two separate floors. HKU microbiologist Yuen Kwok-yung believes […]

Keep Omicron away from our students and staff – Replace the filters

To prevent and control coronavirus disease spreading in schools, Hong Kong government has announced the suspension of classes in kindergartens and primary schools from Friday through the Lunar New Year holiday. Suspension will not relieve the concerns of parents and students. Hundreds of thousands of students will head back to school after CNY holiday. They […]

The simplest way for creating a Safe Workplace on the fifth wave of COVID-19 outbreak

Apart from increasing the air changes and installation of air purifiers, there are simpler and cost-effective ways to fight against the fifth wave of COVID-19 outbreak. A Hong Kong born technology start-up, Nanofil Filtration Technology Ltd., is working hard to expand the range of sizes of their filters for window type and split-type air conditioners […]

How to achieve Lower Data Center PUE and Better IAQ?

It has been reported that data centers account for up to 1.5% of global electricity use and that may be as high as over 2.5% in some sophisticated regions like U.S.A. About 35% – 40% or more of energy consumption of a data center goes towards cooling IT equipment. While data center infrastructure consultants and […]

Introduction of The Standard For Air Filtration ISO 16890-1

ISO 16890-1:2016 AIR FILTERS FOR GENERAL VENTILATION Key Points Exits in parallel with EN779, until June 30, 2018 Shifts the focus on filtration performance to the classes of particulate matter size (PM) Standard filter efficiency will be determined based on particulate matter size classes PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 A much more realistic test criteria than […]