NanoFIL corporate brochure 2022

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NanoFIL offer the most innovative air filtration solutions and products to you!

We are specialized in R&D of Sterilizing nano filter and is manufacturing our own filter and filter media at our factory in Hong Kong. Nanfil air filter exhibits a high filtration efficiency that can effectively filter out PM2.5 or below particulate.

Thanks to advance nanotechnology, the pressure drop of Nanofil air filter is comparatively lower than that of fiber glass or synthetic fiber filter in the market. It has a potential saving on energy and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In addition, it can also exterminate over 99% of Coronavirus (COVID-19 Omicron variant), 99.99% of bacteria and virus commonly found in the air and absorb gaseous pollutants such as VOC and formaldehyde.

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Please contact Nanofil (whatsapp : +852 69381242 / email: info@nanofil.com.hk) to understand more about our solutions and products available.