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We’re excited to announce that NanoFIL will be attending Eco Expo Asia this year in October 27-30 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre! We sincerely invite you to visit our booth (NanoFIL C22 C24).

You can learn more about how NanoFIL apply nano technology on air filters, join our demonstration of filtration efficiency & VOC tester, check out our lab scale electrospinning machine and CEO sharing!

NanoFIL showcase items

PRODUCT DISPLAYSWe will showcase our latest and hottest products at the booth, our specialists will recommend filters and filtration solutions that fit your business’s needs most, with our best quote.

DEMONSTRATION: Filtration Efficiency&VOC TesterThis demonstration shows airborne particulates including PM2.5 generated by a smoke generator can be effectively filtered by our cabin filter. MACHINE DISPLAY:
Lab Scale Eletrospinning MachineThis laboratory scale electrospinning unit demonstrates production of nanofibers by means of applying a high voltage to a polymer solution by incorporating the use of a receptacle, a syringe, a high voltage power supply and a collector roll.  It is used to evaluate the suitability for electrospinning of polymer solutions.

Sterilizing Nano-Filter Technology and Potential Energy Saving

Sterilizing nano-filters are made with state-of-the-art nano technologies that can exterminate bacteria and viruses to help reduce the risk of pandemic. Our HVAC series include pocket filters, fan coil filters, and mini-pleated filters with different filtration efficiencies to cope with the needs of actual environment and application.

Most importantly, they have a lower pressure drop and thanks to application of nano-technology that gives a potential energy saving in the central air-conditioning system of commercial buildings and improve IAQ.  One piece of mini-pleated filter may be able to replace a traditional 2-inch pre-filter and a cartridge/pocket filter that results in reduction of filter quantity consumed and disposal.  Less waste being disposed translates into lower long-term waste management costs and less need for landfills.

Eco Expo Asia 2021 October 27-30

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Visit our booth (NanoFIL C22 C24)!

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