Nano-fiber technology

Electrospinning is an advanced nano technology that can be applied to air filtration materials to produce nanofiber filter media.  Nanofiber filter media has the characteristics of high porosity, small fiber diameter and aperture.  It can achieve high mechanical filtration efficiency, high dust loading capacity and low pressure drop.

Nanofiber filter media consists of a substrate layer and a nanofiber layer. The substrate layer serves to protect the nanofiber layer while increasing the rigidity of the filter media. The large surface area of the nanofiber layer, its interconnection pore structure and the small pore diameter can achieve high filtration efficiency at a relatively low pressure drop, and can also add anti-bacterial function and the removal of the volatile organic compound function.

Compared to traditional materials, membranes and films composed of nanofibers have extremely high surface area and nanometer grade micropores, which can provide both larger number of reactive sites for chemicals and excellent filtration property and breathability when being used as insulating fabrics and biomaterials such as wound dressing and protective textiles.

Nano-fiber technology can be used to produce a variety of filters, including filters for household air conditioners, commercial HVAC systems and cabin air conditioners.

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