NanoFIL granted Research Talent Hub (RTH) funding


Great news! Excited to announce that NanoFIL has been successfully granted Research Talent Hub (RTH) funding from Innovation and Technology Bureau (ITB)!

RTH funding aims to support the qualified Hong Kong technology companies to conduct research and development (R&D) activities. We highly appreciate The Government of the Hong Kong supporting our pursuit in excellence of research and development of advance filter media to cope with the increasingly complicated demand in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and anti-pandemic situation.

NanoFIL is also concerned about global environmental conditions. We are on the mission to remove airborne-contaminants from the air by developing and delivering superb air filtration solutions and products through non-stop research and development of innovative technologies. Keeping high standard in quality and ethics, we will continually explores new materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Make sure you check our company page regularly, as we will update you on our latest NanoFIL news. Connect with us and breathe freely!

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